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The most frequently asked question I get is: what chip should I get? The most popular chip is the TurboTweak Classic version 5.7 chip. It is made for your setup and works great.
All chips take 7-10 days to make.
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TurboTweak Classic Chip v5.7 - Buick/TTA TurboTweak Wideband Chip v6.1 (or upgrade)
This is the classic TurboTweak adjustable chip version 5.7, custom made for your Buick or TTA. Choose a street, alcohol, or race chip. Works with any MAF, or MAF Translator setup. Chip made to work with a Powerlogger and wideband O2 system. If a wideband is connected to the Powerlogger, the chip can run in closed loop at full throttle to keep the air/fuel ratio as close as possible to your target setting. Minimum 50lb injectors.
TurboTweak Emissions Chip - Buick/TTA Bailey Engineering Extender (or Extreme) Chip
Not for performance use. This chip keeps all factory emissions features if you need to stay compliant. Do not operate your car at full throttle with this chip. I do not make further changes to emissions chips. Bailey Engineering Extender Chip for use with the a basic Translator, GEN II Translator, or AXiS Interface
Tune Saver
Tune Saver
Our Price: $74.99
The Tune Saver is a backup power source for your car's computer so it will keep it's memory if the battery dies or is disconnected. Designed for a Turbo Buick, but could be used on other cars with tweaks to the wiring. Not for the ecuGN aftermarket ECU. This is for the stock computer.
All chips take 7-10 days to make.