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Bailey Engineering Extender (or Extreme) Chip
Bailey Engineering Extender (or Extreme) Chip
Extender Chip
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Street (intended for pump gas, no alcohol injection)- Read below about difference between Street and Alcohol
Alcohol (must use alcohol injection)
Race (race fuel)
Chip for E85 Fuel (minimum 50lb injectors required)
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From Bailey Engineering
Computer chip for a Turbo Buick or Pontiac TTA, by Bailey Engineering designed to work with the a Basic Translator, GEN II Translator, or the AXiS Interface if specified (will not work with stock MAF). The Extender reads up to 512 gr/sec of air, and the Extreme reads to 768. Takes advantage of the extended airflow range of a newer MAF.
This chip has user adjustable features:

Shift Light: flashes check engine light above desired RPM

DFCO delay: prevents annoying RPM dips while coasting caused by high stall torque converters

Fan Temperature: Select “Street” or “Race” modes

Cruise TCC: Select the vehicle speed for TCC engagement at part throttle

WOT LoGear Spark: Adjust how much extra spark advance is commanded in first and second gear

BLM correction: Adjust for out of spec injectors or fuel pressure, adjusts all BLM’s up or down.

System Options: Control the operation of open and closed loop at cruise and idle.

Enable Launch Assist and Lean Highway Cruise mode.

WOT TCC: Control the MPH at which the Torque Converter Clutch engages at full throttle.

Spoolup Fuel: Adjust how much fuel is delivered during the spoolup phase of full throttle.

LoGear Fuel: Adjust the Air/Fuel ratio for Full throttle operation in first and second gear.

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