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Reprogram an existing Velosyty Syclone/Typhoon Chip
Reprogram an existing Velosyty Syclone/Typhoon Chip
Velosyty Chip
Typically takes 7-10 days to make the chip, so plan ahead!
Please read the features of the chip below, and make sure you have a scantool!
Your Price: $65.99

Availability when in stock:: Usually ships in 7 to 10 days
Product Code: 1002-UPGRADE

Injector Type (choose from list)*:
Original Stock Bosch Redtop (30lb)
40lb Redstripe 621030 (3 Bar MAP required)
42lb Disc style 01D030B, 621031 (3 Bar MAP required)
50lb Delphi/MSD (3 Bar MAP required)
60lb Siemens (3 Bar MAP required)
80lb Siemens (3 Bar MAP required)

Car Type*:

Chip Type*:
Street (intended for pump gas, no alcohol injection)- Read below about difference between Street and Alcohol
Alcohol (must use alcohol injection)
Race (race fuel)
Chip for E85 Fuel (minimum 50lb injectors required)

MAP Sensor using with this chip*:
2-BAR MAP (stock)

Fuel Octane*:

Your Setup



Cylinder Heads:


What wideband system do you have?*:

Optional Secondary Chip Program:
No, just leave the standard single chip program on there
Yes, I want a secondary chip program [Add $59.99]- Describe the secondary program you would like in the notes (race, alky, etc).

Other Info:
Keep this short, enter extra info during checkout.

This product is reprogramming an existing Velosyty chip. You would need to send in your existing chip to the TurboTweak address on the invoice.

Available now for stock injectors, 40lb Redstripe, 42lb disc-style, 50lb MSD/Delphi, 60lb Siemens, and 80lb Siemens injectors.
Typically takes 7-10 days to make the chip, so plan ahead!
If you don't own a scantool, then this chip is not for you. If you are expecting to improve and refine the performance of your car, you need a way to confirm sensor readings and troubleshoot. I cannot help you with troubleshooting without any data. A good portable scantool is the Scanmaster 3, sold in this webstore, but something like Tunerpro or Datamaster work well too.
A completely new program for the Syclone/Typhoon! Many improvements to the chip programming to improve cold starts, idle, response, and general driveability. Can be programmed for the stock 2-bar MAP (stock injectors only) or a 3-bar MAP, although a 3-bar MAP is recommended for better boost control. Also includes the ability to read a wideband O2 system (connected to the ECM), and makes corrections at full throttle (above 10psi boost).
The chip is mounted on a memcal adapter. You remove your old memcal and plug it into the new adapter, then plug the adapter back into your ECM. (You need an old stock-type memcal for it to work. The programming on the old memcal doesn't matter, as long as it was originally made for a Syclone/Typhoon.)
Optional secondary program can be put on the same chip ($55). It is selected by a small switch on the memcal adapter.
Knock Alert, flashes the check engine light if knock retard exceeds 5 degrees
Compatible with "EGR delete"
Also includes user adjustable features.
There are 2 rotary dials for basic idle and WOT fuel control, and 3 on/off switches for some other optional features, like open loop mode, open loop idle, and wideband/narrowband simulation mode. (Currently, a 2-Bar chip does not have these dials and switches, but does have the user adjustable parameters below.)
There are other internal user features, these are adjusted using a procedure with the throttle and watching some numbers on a scantool.

User adjustable features are:
1. High boost fuel
2. Mid boost fuel
3. Low gear timing
4. High gear timing
5. Initial wastegate duty cycle
6. Target boost
7. Closed loop WOT A/F target (requires a wideband system connected to the ECM)

Note: This part is intended for off-road use only, as it may not meet emissions standards. It is up to the purchaser to determine how it will be used.

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